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About Soul Wings® Press

Soul Wings® Press is an Award-Winning Small Press Publisher, specializing in beautifully crafted books in the genre of Self Help/Spirituality. Through our expert writing coaching and publishing services, we make it possible for professionals writing in the fields of Self Help and Spirituality to become published authors - without having to write a whole book. Please contact Senior Editor, Sophia Fairchild, for information about upcoming book projects for which you may be eligible to participate as a contributing author.

We also assist authors around the world to publish their books, whether Fiction or Non-Fiction, New Age, Spiritual, Self-Help or Inspirational. It is our mission to be of service to authors, teachers and professionals, helping them to communicate their message in the clearest possible way. At Soul Wings® Press our publishing projects truly nourish the soul of both our writers and readers!

Work is love made visible.
- Kahlil Gibran

Soul Wings® Press

Feedback from Soul Wings® Press Authors

I offer the highest recommendation for Sophia Fairchild as an editor and publisher. She was delightful to work with throughout the whole process of getting published in a right and honourable way. Sophia consistently offered genuine literary and artistic guidance, that allowed my own "voice" to be heard, while still meeting high literary standards. She was both deeply practical and yet encouraged the best from my inner writer. She delivers as promised and her commitment and integrity shine through her work as an editor and publisher. ~ Bec Nelson

Sophia is a thorough, accurate and totally professional editor. She remains current with the industry, strives to provide authors with the best avenues for presenting their work, establishes concise time-lines and delivers completed books on time. Sophia's attention to detail is superb, her industry connections the highest quality and her interaction with clients excellent. ~ Roberta Binder

LJ: Thank you Sophia for supporting us, cheering us on, and lighting up a path for all of us as writers. We will always have this moment in time together as a sacred circle within this book, and I will never lose sight of how special this experience has been for all of us!

L.D.K: Thanks so much! This was such a fun and beautiful process. I am truly enriched by the wisdom and beauty of my co-authors. What a gift and a joy this has been!

KT: Wow what an amazing treat it’s been and thank you Sophia for all your loving energy and intention throughout our creation journey. I have loved every step of this journey!

BG: Thanking you Sophia Fairchild for your guidance and inspiration to achieving my dream with you and all the wonderful Soul Coaches on this book journey. So much gratitude to you!

LM: Thank you, Sophia at Soul Wings® Press. It has been such a wonderful journey with you!

AI: Thank you so much Soul Wings Press for making a dream come true! What an honor it is to be a part of this...the whole thing… from conception to our book launch!

BD: Sophia Fairchild you are angel to me!

MM: Congratulations Soul Whispers III authors! For speaking our truth, sharing our wisdom and giving it out to our family, friends and those who are yet to be friends. Thank you Sophia and Soul Wing Press for making this happen. Let the ride continue!

FD: Thank you to the wonderful Sophia Fairchild and Soul Wings Press who have united us all as authors!

My overwhelming message is to congratulate you…Your level of professionalism has been exemplary throughout and I would feel completely confident about participating in any of your projects, if ever the opportunity arises again.

Thank you for all your hard work, patience and loving words. Thank you for your wisdom and support. I’m very excited about this book, and I DO feel blessed and honored to be a part of this project.

I again want to offer my infinite gratitude and love to you for all that you have done to make this book project an amazing experience for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Many congratulations Sophia, both for writing your chapter and the beauty, wisdom and magic it brings but also for your endless efforts as our editor and mentor on this collaboration! Your vision followed by your committment is what kept this going and now it is locked in print for our readers for years to come! Thank you from every part of my heart and soul.

You did it Sophia!!!! You organized, praised, edited and supported us through it all - you totally rock!

I would like to give my highest recommendation to Sophia Fairchild who edited my contributing chapter "Life is a Smorgasbord of Choices" in published in "Soul Whispers II - Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching". This is a book of anthologies from a group of women, all Soul Coaches from around the world. Since I am an unknown author and had never been published before, I found working with Sophia to be an amazing learning experience. She let me do the writing, but edited my work and guided me in a professional and educational way to the completion of my anthology. I feel so blessed to have worked with Sophia in this capacity. She was forever patient, professional and helpful, and I can't recommend her enough. ~ Judy Ward

Sophia - thanks so much for making all of this happen. It's a great day for us all, thanks to you.

Sophia - I love being a part of this experience with you. Thanks for everything!

I worked with Sophia on Soul Whispers II as well as turning to her for editing help with my book proposal. Sophia was the consummate professional while being sensitive to the issues of editing someone else's work. Her skillful and artful editing and suggestions allowed my voice to remain strong throughout my work. Unlike previous editing adventures, it didn't hurt a bit! ~ Patti Allen

I loved being part of Soul Whispers I which has just made it to Amazon!!!

Sophia thank you so much for making this happen!!

I had never been edited before - I needed to let go of my fear of being judged and Sophia was so amazing! I came out the other side just fine!!

Sophia and I worked together on the design and production of Soul Whispers and Soul Whispers II, two books she edited and published through Soul Wings Press. Sophia is dedicated to creating the best possible books for her contributing authors. She is efficient, organized, and has great attention to detail. But most of all, she has the ability to bring together a variety of people for a single purpose, and to guide us all in creating something wonderful together. It's always a pleasure to work with Sophia! ~ Fiona Raven

Sophia made it an easy process and I've been down the editing road before and it wasn't this easy by a long shot! I think the editor is key and a trusting partnership has to be formed. Knowing the editor has the big picture in mind and trusting that her intention is to make the author’s unique voice even clearer than it might be on her own.

Contributing to this glorious book was a beautiful experience. The assistance from Sophia (our fearless leader) was never-ending and pure joy. It's been a great ride!

Sophia is a creative and talented editor and publisher. Her concepts are original and true to her passions.

Sophia is the type of editor eveyone wishes they had. I appreciate how she edited my work while keepimg my authentic voice. Her editing style actually 'taught' me what to look for as the work progressed. She is so pleasant and kept me on task with clear deadlines and updates throught the process. From conception to a successful booklaunch on Facebook, I found Sophia to be most professional and will consider her professional editing/publishing services in the future. I also found her to thoughful and kind and will consider her a trusted friend. ~ Kelly Chamchuk

Thank you so much for all you've done for our wonderful book!! Thank you angels, and thank you, Sophia!!

There were inner struggles that I had to conquer and I am so glad I did this... I got over fears that were blocking my writing - I would suggest this process to anyone wanting to begin a writing career but not sure how... Sophia is a great editor and kept me on track and I love working with deadlines too!

Sophia did an awesome job of encouraging and supporting us along the way. Thank you, Sophia!!!

To be able to write and be gently edited was a new experience for me. I can't thank you enough!

It is about trust and I felt Sophia knew what I wanted to say so it was easy for me. I actually learned how to make better writing choices after seeing examples! My style matured right in front of me and I was grateful for all the Sophia did as an editor! I would work with her any day!

Congratulations Sophia for the launch of yet another successful book. Not only are you an amazing writer with so much wisdom to share, but you are also an incredible editor and an incredibly generous Soul!

I’ve enjoyed working with Sophia as our Editor and Publisher of “Angels: Winged Whispers.” I really appreciate the helpful tips and information she gives, as well as her spiritual, yet also very professional, way of performing this service. I recommend her highly! ~ Maryellen De Vine

We are now officially in print! Congratulations to all the Authors Angels of Winged Whispers! Thank you Sophia once again for all of your wisdom, guidance and expertise in our wonderful book... Your wings have been polished and fluffed; you are a true inspiration to us all. Thank you and congratulations to you for all you have done!! ~ Denice Martin

It's been a wonderful ride being a part of this book! I'm honored to be included amongst such noted and gifted souls. ~ Christine Schreibstein

Without Sophia, it just may not have happened... truly a great effort...thanks Sophia! Thank you Angels! I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful Anthology! ~ Ros Booth

Thank you Sophia!! You are the bestest editor in the whole world and I don’t think I'll be able to write anything else coz you have spoilt me!!! … unless it’s for you of course! I really enjoyed working on this project and it is absolutely my privilege to be part of this book! ~ Claire Jennings

It has been a wonderful journey. The biggest Angel hugs to you Sophia. Thank you for your vision and thank you for sharing. I raise my virtual champers and toast you and everyone one else who helped to create the beautiful Angel Winged Whispers! ~ De-Arne King

I feel so honored to have been included in a project with such incredible people! Angel hugs to all! ~ Denise Burant

It has been a real pleasure to be part of this wonderful project and I'm sad that it's all over but happy that many people will read this wonderful, beautiful and heartfelt book! A very special thank you to Sophia for holding a space for us to submit a story and be part of this special book! My heart is full of gratitude for all of your support! ~ Orietta Di Fabio Mammarella

A big thank you to Sophia, a beautiful publisher who puts her heart and all into her work! Well done everyone! And thank to all the authors for sharing this amazing experience! ~ Belinda Ridley

We were treated like author princesses… guided, supported and loved by Sophia unconditionally. Three Cheery Cheers for all the authors! The awesome editor! The angels! The faeries! Beautiful spirit! With gratitude and love... ~ Cobie Andrews

It's been a journey but one well worth embarking on given that it's all been a process. I love myself much more, my friends much more and I enjoy working with women toward empowerment. Thank you! ~ Robyn Ridley

I am immensely proud of this book, and so thrilled that it finally made it into print! Thank you, Sophia, for everything! ~ Wendy Brown

Sophia treated us so beautifully. You're an angel! It was such a privilege to be a part of this amazing project and to be able to write about a subject that is extremely close to my heart. What an opportunity! May you feel and be filled with the joy of faery love & magic! ~ Flavia Kate Peters

Thank you very much for your kind and perfect work. It has been a real honor to work with you. ~ Laura Bessan

Sophia explained the classic ‘writer’s ego’ and the ways to acknowledge it - by presenting me with 10 ways to ‘trick’ the writer’s ego in order to get the first draft completed. The suggestions that helped me the most were: that the first draft doesn’t have to be good, the important thing is to get something down on the page, and to stay focused on servicing and benefiting the reader through the message shared. Her words of encouragement and clarity allowed me to ride the waves in expressing myself. It was fun to give myself permission to do it badly and just go for getting words on the page, knowing that the flow of words would come, creating a valuable message for the reader. I rode the breaker waves right through the block, and each stage of the editing process came with greater ease. ~ JP Ames

It is wonderful working with Sophia as she gently guides us in her editing, without changing the content of what we are trying to say. For someone who is new to writing, this is an amazing experience in a safe environment. ~ Judy Ward

Thank you Sophia for all your hard work and dedication to not only this book, but all your others! You are bringing a wonderful light into the world with them! ~ Karen Jarldane

It is such a great privilege to work with Sophia Fairchild and the other Authors, one learns so much during the writing process and most of all, feel a great sense of satisfaction when the final draft goes in... then one day the books show up and your proudness beams! ~ Kelly Chamchuk

To have the experience of such an Editor as Sophia has been extremely pleasing and I have found much comfort with the way she has guided us all. I have to add, the work that Sophia has completed, gently editing our words and working hard behind the scenes to bring our goals and dreams to the wider world is extraordinary. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To learn from you has been a journey which I must say I have been blessed to travel. Thank you Sophia… I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it all! ~ Denice Martin

Thank you so much Sophia for all your hard work and brilliant coaching. I also loved your introduction to our book. I'm so grateful to have been part of this project and this group. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’ve grown in terms of my writing skills and confidence as a writer. It's been a wonderful experience and I'm certain our writings will travel around the world into unexpected hands and unforeseen places. ~ Clarissa Harison

Thank you so much Sophia, for your support and guidance. It’s been so wonderful to be able to contribute to such an amazing book. I am so blessed to be in the company of such gifted writers and beautiful souls. ~ Susan Scicluna

Congratulations, Sophia, on a wonderful project, a fabulous book of Wisdom that may now spread from many parts of the world to all over the world! Thank you! I am honoured to be a part of this! ~ Kerrie Redgate

I loved being part of this anthology of writers! This has been an amazing journey! ~ Bronwyn Makeda Aset

I feel blessed and honored to be a part of such a beautiful group of writers. ~ Angela Talarico

It's a great experience writing and Sophia is a wonderful editor, supportive and encouraging. Thank you Sophia. It was a joy to participate! ~ Jenny Palmer

Super job Sophia! You embrace all you do with ribbons of love, sweat of diamonds and only tears of pure joy... ~ K. C.

Thank you for being such a kind, compassionate and gentle editor!
~ K. R.

It really is an empowering process; it helped me find my voice.
~ K. C.

Thankyou Soul Wings Press for supporting my dreams!

Feedback from Soul Wings® Press Readers

Soul Whispers III
Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams

Within this book are heartfelt stories of triumph over adversity, gracious communications from the soul, ancient wisdom as well as modern day solutions to every day challenges. It is an honor and a privilege to share the same pages with these remarkable Soul Coaches. ~ DENISE LINN, Founder of Soul Coaching®

What lies within this book is a collection of personal, heartfelt stories of triumph, wisdom and joy. Each chapter will lift your spirits! This book has kept me turning the page and not wanting to put it down! I've read the more intimate details of these authors’ lives and feel as though I have shared every step of their journey. Not only do they tell their stories but they invite you to take steps to make your life even greater! Simply reading these shared experiences will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, with changes taking place within you already.~ TERRY BOWEN

A wonderfully inspiring collection of heartfelt honesty! I love that this book is about real people, just like you or me, who had an epiphany that came to them from their deeper self. We all desire to live such a life of authenticity and to learn to listen to our inner guidance. The pages of Soul Whispers III are scattered with gems of beauty the authors have gained through their soul coaching experiences. As I saw reflections of myself woven within the warmth and wisdom of the authors’ words, a sense of comfort filled my heart. I came away from this book feeling fresh, clear and inspired to follow the quiet voice of my soul. ~ LIZ WINTER

Carol Daigneault: Congratulations to all of the Soul Whispers III Authors! This is a great personal as well as collective achievement for you all. As a SWI author, I have experienced the sense of pride an author can receive from participating with all of the other wonderful Soul Coach Authors on a project like this. Thanks also to Sophia for her continued vision and energy to spread the wisdom of Soul Coaching® worldwide!

Susan Meyer-Corbett: Sounds wonderful! The Soul Whispers books have such heart-warming stories, to nourish the soul.

Patti Allen: Congrats on yet another great collection of inspirational stories! I haven't read it yet but I trust the same high quality that preceded it in the previous books, continues.

Christine Coen: Sending Fresh flower plumeria leis from Maui to all the Authors: "Special Delivery"! "Hana Hou": means encore/applause!!!

Kathleen Weidner: Thank you to all the amazing contributors! Awesome new book, I can't wait to read it.

Tracey Leanne Sawyer: What fabulous books you're publishing, and happy see more of Soul Whispers, congratulations!

Kareen Harrison: I'm grateful that Denise found these remarkable people, who listened to soul whispers in their own unique ways, reached deep within and are now sharing with us. We are blessed.

Christine Spamz: Well done to all the authors on a great initiative! Keep up the Inspirational, soul work!

Suzanne Shafritz: Congratulations and kudos to everyone who contributed to this book!! I’m so glad I finally get to read everyone's amazing chapters! May everyone's story heal another and may we bring out the brilliance in each other as each one of you does in this book. I’m getting so excited about this book now... Sophia, thank you for all your work in putting it all together!

Jenny Palmer: Congratulations Sophia on another great book. Love the title! And congratulations to all the authors!

Vanessa Velez: I know Soul Whispers III will spread waves of wisdom and inspiration!

Susan Haifleigh: Congratulations on the new book!

Lucija Abrlic: Congratulations Sophia and all the authors who participated! It looks wonderful!

Jeanette Cake: Looking forward to reading this third volume of Soul Whispers - loved the first two!

Jane Orr: Well done! What a fantastic achievement. All of these Soul Whisper books are a treasure trove of experience and written with such love.

Soul Whispers II
Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching

Every writer in this anthology has trained with me to become a Soul Coach and each of these remarkable women has an innate connection to the four elements through their work in this field. They truly make a difference in the world by dovetailing their understanding of the four elements and their practice as Soul Coaches into the immensely valuable information found in this anthology. May this book deepen your connection to the wonders of the natural world and to the truth of your soul.
- DENISE LINN, author of Soul Coaching, 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self, and Founder of Soul Coaching®

As I read these stories, a calm entered my being and warmth rose in my heart. They helped me to feel a connection… connection to the authors of these stories, connection to the elements of Nature and most importantly, a connection back to the deepest part of my self. A beautiful book filled with ancient wisdom, whose time it is once again to share.
- MINNIE KANSMAN, Eco~Balance Humanity in Harmony with Nature Certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Consultant and Teacher and author of Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection

Each chapter of Soul Whispers II leads us on our own journey of insight, healing and transformation. We are connected to a greater sense of being… delightfully, magically and joyfully. I came away feeling I had been blessed by wise women and gifted with Sacred Secrets.
- KIM PENTECOST, Sacred teacher, Intuitive and author/coordinator for the anthology The Wisdom We Have Gained

I have my copy of Soul Whispers II. This is a beautifully done book - really really fine everything from the flow of the prose, to the font, design, and print quality. It is a 'package' that truly reflects the high quality of its content! KUDOS! I understand why this Press continues to win top awards.

A wonderful addition to the toolbox for anyone who works with the four elements, either in Soul Coaching, or in the broader fields of spirituality and personal development. Each chapter is accompanied by practical exercises for working with the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. Engaging personal stories and handy to have in your personal library as a reference book. ~ AR, USA

What a force the writers are! The topics vary, but all meld beautiful together to help the reader move forward with more grace, integrity, joy and inner knowing on their path. I love, Love, LOVE how each chapter gives detailed instructions for a project so we may bring the information deeper at home. Beautiful addition! Highly recommend.~ CS, USA

OMG! I've just received some copies of [Soul Whispers II]... and it rocks. How exhilarating that Soul Coaches (shepherded by the wonderful Sophia Fairchild) have created this anthology. (If you remember, Soul Whispers I achieved a major book award last year and this book looks as good if not better!) This book focuses on the elements and the part they play in Soul Coaching®. Well done, everyone!!
~ Denise Linn

Soul Whispers
Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches
around the World

I was astounded at the width and depth of these journeys that these intrepid women have had in their Soul Coaching® profession. Their experiences range from a Buddhist retreat in the highlands of Thailand, to a faery quest in the Northwest wilderness, to a corporate training “with soul” in England, to past life journeys in the Scottish moors, to corporate executive miracles in Silicon Valley, to a “bad girl” rocking out in Toronto… and everything in between.

The sincerely, compassion and love that these women share in these journeys touches my heart more than words can express…. They each bring a remarkable level of balance and joy into the world with their clients and students and it is joy to read their experiences.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading this collection of writings by professional Soul Coaches® from all over the globe, as much as I have. Through their many voices, it’s my wish that you too may hear the whispers from your soul!

- DENISE LINN, author of Soul Coaching, 28 days to Discover Your Authentic Self, and Founder of Soul Coaching®.

~ A "MUST HAVE" for anyone called to be a Role Model
I cannot say enough great things about this book! Filled with wonderful and inspiring stories that cover a range of topics from Soul Coaches around the world. I have always been a "coach" to my friends, family, and to many of my friends’ friends, and after reading this book I know for sure it has always been my calling. These spirit filled ladies are full of wisdom, intuition, and personality, each from a different path in life but with guidance from Denise Linn (they all have given her credit) they are teaching, inspiring, and guiding those looking for answers! If your Soul has been tugging at you to "step into your truth" or "to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life" this book is a perfect inspiration! As each Soul Coach has quoted Denise Linn "The Soul loves the truth"

– HH, Amazon Review

Soul Whispers shares the depth, versatility and sheer possibility of Soul Coaching as a tool that can give hope and healing to people everywhere – regardless of their personal belief system. It is an expansive and uplifting book with a beautiful mix of personal stories and technique – joyful and refreshing to read!
- Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, Master Educator of Interior Alignment® & Soul Coach.

I can easily imagine myself having a coaching session seated at Barbara's cozy kitchen table with a hot cup of tea. Or, exploring the talents of a past life with Irene. Or, bringing more soul into my work life using the methods Helen employs with the corporations she coaches. This book represents such a diverse collection of stories and coaching styles, but in each chapter, the intent remains the same: releasing patterns that no longer serve us, engaging in life more fully and expressing our most authentic Self. Soul Whispers is a gift to anyone who has stepped onto the path of inner discovery; those on a personal journey towards healing, understanding and growth.
- Deb Swingholm

~ Insightful and inspiring - yet, easy read.
Soul Whispers brings together an amazing collection of 18 Soul Coaches from around the world. The wisdom and diversity they each share from their individual experiences and practices provides great insight and ideas. Definitely an interesting read. ~Deb Sarandrea

~ An Inspirational and practical anthology
'Soul Whispers: Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World' is a very heartfelt book. Based on their experiences as Soul Coaches, the authors have come together from a wide variety of lifestyles, cultures and experiences to provide the reader with inspiration, motivation and ways to enter into the heart of their own Soul. I love this book. ~RJ Nelson

~ True Inspiration
This is a beautiful book from start to finish, the stories are heartfelt and truly inspirational! ~DS

~ Creative, supportive and informative
Soul Whispers is not only an excellent read, it brings together ideas from the practices of Soul Coaches from around the world. Their wisdom and experience support practitioners in the coaching and holistic fields as well as one who wants a richer life. ~ Kim Pentecost

Planet Whispers
Wisdom from Soul Travelers
around the World

Planet Whispers is a profound compilation of experiences and awakenings that ordinary people have journeyed through as they remembered and reconnected to the Earth and all her wisdom. Each story in this book allows you to feel that one moment, that one breath, that one heartbeat where these people’s reconnections were made and how that changed everything in their lives.

As I read the stories, I felt that I would love to share a meal with these authors, to listen to their voices recount their experiences, to watch the light in their eyes come to life in the retelling, to feel their hearts fill with joy, to share that expansion of energy when we finally connect to the truth of our journey. To honor this Earth is to honor ourselves; to love this Earth is to love ourselves; to respect this Earth is to respect ourselves. Enjoy the wonder in these stories. There is much to remember, and to learn.

~ RAELENE BYRNE, Author, Energy Healer, Tour Guide for the Soul

Each of the stories in this anthology is such a gift. While I love to travel, I realized that by reading each chapter in Planet Whispers, I learned about other societies throughout the world and their various spiritual practices directly from the comfort of my armchair! It is abundantly clear that each author holds a reverence for all that is sacred in this life. I encourage you to take the time to savor their stories, for you will never be the same again!
~ LAURIE BRYAN LARSON, Certified Soul Coach™

If you love Travel and Culture, and a touch of Soul Journeys, this is a delightful book to keep you company on cold evenings. Planet Whispers: Wisdom from Soul Travelers Around the World is a poignant collection of milestone markers, measuring the distance souls have traveled on Earth through laughter and tears. The layers of truths revealed with every step taken on life's path are portals of appreciation for the surprising blessings the Universe presents in disguise.

The authors of these beautiful stories remind us to have courage as we embark on our own sacred journeys. In the end, our quest to bridge understanding between cultures, to forgive our past, and to honor ourselves and our ancestry all lead us to living our life purpose to the full. May Planet Whispers help you find clear answers to your quest.

~ GINA ALZATE, Spiritual Warrior, Broadcaster, Educator & Travel Consultant

In this very special book, you will be amazed at the variety of ways the authors have shared their personal life-changing Planet Whispers. For some, it was through visiting a sacred site such as Machu Picchu in Peru, while for others it was being in a common place or connecting with a simple object or piece of jewelry. For another, it was feeling a push to go to a destination without really knowing exactly why, to find himself experiencing a profound vision quest in the isolation and solitude of the Yukon in the Canadian wilderness. As you enjoy these captivating stories of real life people sharing thought-provoking inspiration and insight, perhaps you too will begin to recognize your own Planet Whispers!
~ CINDY EYLER, Author of "Dead People in My Life."
Founder of Light Activation Healing System® & Spiritual and Transformational Journey Leader

Wonderful! And so befitting our Pluto in Capricorn era: respect for the land is paramount for our spiritual survival! The entire book is so timely! Congratulations! ~ Kerrie Redgate

Congrats to Sophia and all the authors of Planet Whispers! What a great accomplishment! ~ Patti Allen

It was an honor to be able to review the many compelling stories that are included in Planet Whispers! The pleasure was truly mine! ~ Laurie Bryan Larson

Congratulations to all the authors of Planet Whispers and Editor Sophia Fairchild! Another wonderful book by Soul Wings® Press! ~ Loes van Mierlo

I’m so glad this book is now available. A fantastic gift for Xmas, birth to earth days, and any reason really, to remind ourselves how easy it is to reconnect to your soul, by connecting to the earth. ~ Raelene Byrne

Congratulations authors and editor! ~ Deborah Redfern

Congratulations to all the authors and to Sophia for all her work making another masterpiece! Three Cheers! ~ R. B.

Congratulations on your fabulous achievement... can't wait to get it in my hands! ~ D. F.

Lovely project, Congratulations! ~ S. W.

Angels: Winged Whispers
True Stories from Angel Experts around the World

"The magical pages of Angels: Winged Whispers take us through what some may deem as extraordinary stories of people who have had encounters with angels. We are introduced to various methods of working with the angels, such as sacred ceremony, working with crystals, receiving direct messages and noticing signs. Within each chapter is a wealth of delight as the writers share their own unique stories and teachings with us, so that we too may have our own very real connection with angels. So feast your eyes on this treasury of insights, stories, teachings and messages, and awaken to the miracles in your life!"
~ FLAVIA KATE PETERS, Author, Speaker, Singer, Faery & Angel Therapist®

“I was deeply touched and moved by the stories included in this collection. They are refreshingly honest, full of insight and prove that although our experiences may vary, we are all the same in our desire to feel more peace and love. If you want to be inspired, uplifted and reminded that you are never alone on this journey called life, then I highly recommend you read this book!”
~ ANNA TAYLOR, Recording Artist, Singer - Songwriter, Angel Therapist® and Theta Healing Practitioner®.

“Although written by individual authors, these vibrant stories share a communal message that illuminates the truth of how loved, protected and supported all of us truly are. This book affectionately invites the reader to notice the abundance of Divine Guidance that surrounds us constantly, lovingly reminding us that this guidance might arrive in the form of a cat, a butterfly, a stranger or an angel.”
~ MARK MEZADOURIAN, Angelic Ambassador of Courses, Workshops & Readings.

“Angels: Winged Whispers is a book about real people and real life stories that can be related to on so many levels of life. The insight given through the author's experiences are bound to bring readers the realization that they too have received signs from "heaven" (angels, fairies and even deceased loved ones). This book is filled with messages of wonder, inspiration and speaks to your heart at a soul level.”
~ CINDY EYLER, Author of "Dead People in My Life." Internationally known, Spiritual and Transformational Journey Leader, and Founder of Light Activation Healing System®.

"We are all surrounded by Angels and guides, if you would like to be more tuned into their guidance, this is a lovely book to read and enjoy. Through the collection of fifteen International Angel Experts, you will hear the chapter author's personal stories and come to your own, "Ah Ha" moments in many of the segments.

I was sitting in my vet's office waiting while they were draining more fluid from my little cat's abdomen, she is fighting for her life...I was reading the chapter Wings of Healing, Denise Burant and was able to realize that Angels were surrounding Little Miss Sunshine just as they had Rusty and that Sunshine holds lessons from the Angels for me.

Not only are there fascinating personal stories of the chapter author's experiences, and often history, of Angels in their life, the book provides techniques that are well written and easily adaptable to your life and needs, calling in the guidance available through our personal circles of Faery, Angel and Archangels who are always ready, willing and able to guide, support, help us grow in ways we might not think possible." ~ Roberta H. Binder

DK: I just finished reading Angels: Winged Whispers and wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who contributed to this wonderful book! It's one of the few books that I wanted to gobble up straight away then had to actually force myself to slow down for fear of it ending. I will definitely be spreading the word. Thank you!!!

DM: I closed the book and just sat, taking in all of your words. If I had to use a word to round up that feeling, I would use "euphoric." Well Done!

JP: Sophia, another incredible book! Credit goes to you for bringing these authors together. And credit goes to the authors as well. Can't wait for the next one! You have brought together many helpful and inspiring stories in this book and will again in future books. Congratulations!

LR: Congratulations everyone and to Sophia for presenting this wonderful collection of stories to the world!

KK: Congrats and Blessings to the team of lovely authors who created this Anthology!

JLH: Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! I've heard so much about it!

MB: Congratulations on the new book!

KA: I am looking forward to getting a copy of your fabulous book!

KB: Congratulations!! Well done you! I look forward to reading it!

NBW: Congratulations! This book is so special. My life through all its ups and downs has soooo been guided by my angels... I am yet to meet or see them or name them, but I know, with every cell in my body that they are around as I am being constantly blessed in my journey... maybe, like you, one day they will show themselves...

CT: I can’t wait to get a copy of this book…something new and exciting!

DB: Congratulations to all "Angel Authors".....Thank you for the heartfelt sharing of your experiences and bringing these beautiful messages to us....well done!

DR: Congratulations on Winged Whispers!

VLL: I so can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

JK:Congratulations to ALL the amazing authors! Sophia, you are amazing and such a gift to all of us. Thanks for bringing these messages to the world!

DK: I’ve read the entire book and it was an amazing experience....every afternoon I would read a chapter and then meditate... hope this book gets to many many people on this planet!

PP: I would love to read this book. I have had angel encounters myself and so have my friends.

CLF: Warm smiles & deep appreciation for the "Angel Authors" guidance & sharing!

LL: Congratulations to you all. This is another blessing and a beautiful message from our angels!

RBB: Congratulations on the publication of Angels: Winged Whispers! Writing opens magical doors. Enjoy the success!

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