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Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
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Planet Whispers

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Planet Whispers – Wisdom from Soul Travelers around the World PLANET WHISPERS

Wisdom from Soul Travelers
around the World

ISBN: 9780984593057
Digital ISBN: 9780984593064
Published by Soul Wings® Press US$16.95

Planet Whispers National Best Books Awards 2012 National Best Book Awards 2012
USA Book News Award-Winning Finalist

Best Anthology: Non-Fiction
What is our planet whispering to you?

The soul of the planet is constantly whispering to us, but what if we cannot hear these messages?

Travel with professional Soul Guides and Spiritual Practitioners from all over the world to discover how you too can hear the call of these whispered messages, to deeply nourish and refresh your soul.

Explore new techniques to help you and your clients experience the deep peace and timeless wisdom within the heart of our planet ~ to inspire, heal and uplift your life!

Learn how to -

~ Facilitate Ancestral Healing                    ~ Find the Gift
~ Work with Solstice Energies                  ~ Open Your Heart Chakra
~ Discover Your Own Power Places        ~ Create Healing Mandalas
~ Make an Earth Offering Ceremony         ~ Hear the Planet Whispers

Edited by Sophia Fairchild
Read the Introduction by Sophia Fairchild
RELEASED - December, 2011

Contributing Authors ~ JP Ames, Bronwyn Makeda Aset, Laura Bessan, Roberta Ashkawa Binder, Sophia Fairchild, Clarissa Harison, Karen Jarldane, Denice Martin, Jenny Palmer, Kerrie Redgate, Susie Scucluna, Angela Talerico, Raymond Torrenti, and Judy Ward.

Reviews of Planet Whispers

"Planet Whispers is a profound compilation of experiences and awakenings that ordinary people have journeyed through as they remembered and reconnected to the Earth and all her wisdom. Each story in this book allows you to feel that one moment, that one breath, that one heartbeat where these people’s reconnections were made and how that changed everything in their lives.

As I read the stories, I felt that I would love to share a meal with these authors, to listen to their voices recount their experiences, to watch the light in their eyes come to life in the retelling, to feel their hearts fill with joy, to share that expansion of energy when we finally connect to the truth of our journey. To honor this Earth is to honor ourselves; to love this Earth is to love ourselves; to respect this Earth is to respect ourselves. Enjoy the wonder in these stories. There is much to remember, and to learn."

  ~  RAELENE BYRNE, Author, Energy Healer, Tour Guide for the Soul

"Each of the stories in this anthology is such a gift. While I love to travel, I realized that by reading each chapter in Planet Whispers, I learned about other societies throughout the world and their various spiritual practices directly from the comfort of my armchair! It is abundantly clear that each author holds a reverence for all that is sacred in this life. I encourage you to take the time to savor their stories, for you will never be the same again!"

  ~  LAURIE BRYAN LARSON, Certified Soul Coach™

“If you love Travel and Culture, and a touch of Soul Journeys, this is a delightful book to keep you company on cold evenings. Planet Whispers is a poignant collection of milestone markers, measuring the distance souls have traveled on Earth through laughter and tears. The authors of these beautiful stories remind us to have courage as we embark on our own sacred journeys. May Planet Whispers help you find clear answers to your quest.”

  ~  GINA ALZATE, Spiritual Warrior, Broadcaster, Educator & Travel Consultant

“In this very special book, you will be amazed at the variety of ways the authors have shared their personal life-changing Planet Whispers. For some, it was through visiting a sacred site such as Machu Picchu in Peru, while for others it was being in a common place or connecting with a simple object or piece of jewelry. For another, it was feeling a push to go to a destination without really knowing exactly why, to find himself experiencing a profound vision quest in the isolation and solitude of the Yukon in the Canadian wilderness. As you enjoy these captivating stories of real life people sharing thought-provoking inspiration and insight, perhaps you too will begin to recognize your own Planet Whispers!”

  ~  CINDY EYLER, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Journey Leader

TO ORDER your Copy of Planet Whispers
Contact a Contributing Author in your area

                     CINDY EYLER

                     SOPHIA FAIRCHILD

Vision Quest at the Arctic Circle
                     RAYMOND TORRENTI PhD                             Author Interview
              Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

Valley of Sangomas – The Universal Me
                     BRONWYN MAKEDA ASET                       Author Interview
              Sydney, NSW, Australia

Lady Muskoka: A Story of Healing and Renewal
                     CLARISSA HARISON                                 Author Interview
               Lancaster, NY, USA

A Deeper Perspective
                     JUDY WARD                                              Author Interview
               Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Walking on the Sacred Land of the Oglala Lakota
                    ROBERTA ASHKAWA BINDER                            Author Interview
                 Western North Carolina USA

My Balinese Angel
                     DENICE MARTIN                                                 Author Interview
               Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Water’s Edge
                     JP AMES                                                    Author Interview
               Westminster, Colorado, USA

Through the Veil
                    JENNY PALMER                                          Author Interview
              Adelaide, South Australia

Whispers from My home
                     KAREN JARLDANE                                    Author Interview
               Boulder, Colorado, USA

City of Dreams
                     SUSIE SCICLUNA                               Author Interview
               Sydney, Australia

The Ultimate Sign
                     LAURA BESSAN                                 Author Interview
               São Paulo, Brazil

Moving Into the Light
                     ANGELA TALARICO                            Author Interview
              Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Is it the Body or the Mind that Travels?
                     KERRIE REDGATE                              Author Interview
               Sydney, NSW, Australia

                    SOPHIA FAIRCHILD                             Author Interview
            Sydney, NSW, Australia


Planet Whispers
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Planet Whispers, Soul Wings® Press
Planet Whispers, Soul Wings® Press
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers, Soul Wings® Press
Planet Whispers
Planet Whispers