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"Sophia Fairchild brings a critical eye and a gentle hand to her editing. She works to bring the author's words into their full glory, by massaging them into a shining manuscript. Her editorial recommendations are carefully structured to not lose the flavor or intent of the author's voice."

"Thank you Sophia for being the kindest editor one could ask for. It truly made my
first experience in this writing world easy, pleasant and fun!"
K.C., Canada

Soul WingsŪ Press Editing The Double Award-Winning Book
Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches Around the World

ISBN: 9780615290423

Soul WingsŪ Press Gold Medal Award Winning Book of the Year
Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching

ISBN: 9780984593002

Soul WingsŪ Press Editing Are you Living the Life of Your Dreams?
Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams

ISBN: 9780985186500

Soul WingsŪ Press Editing What are the Angels Whispering to you?
True Stories from Angel Experts around the World

ISBN: 9780984593019

Soul WingsŪ Press Editing What is our planet whispering to you?
Wisdom from Soul Travelers around the World

ISBN: 9780984593057

Edited with love by Sophia Fairchild
Proudly Published by Soul WingsŪ Press!

eBook Conversion Service

Want to sell your book on Amazon Kindle worldwide?

Soul WingsŪ Press is proud of its beautifully designed eBooks which are available for instant download on Amazon Kindle, through the Apple iBookstore and in many other eBook formats.

Soul WingsŪ Press now extends the benefit of our expertise to assist other authors to access these exciting digital markets for their books.

We offer a professional eBook conversion service
for authors who already have a completed book manuscript.

We provide professionally designed eBook conversions for the most popular file formats (eg. for Kindle and iPad) from a Word Document or PDF file to Mobi/Kindle and ePub. Other file conversion types are available upon request. Simply contact us for a cost estimate.

Author Services

Whether you're looking to publish your book through Soul WingsŪ Press, self publish, or preparing your manuscript for submission to a traditional publisher; we can provide all the tools you’ll need to create the best book possible.

Soul WingsŪ Press has a team of professionals ready to help build your book. Whether you need assistance with writing, designing, or publishing your book, Soul WingsŪ Press can help you make your dreams of becoming a published author come true!

If you plan to submit your manuscript to the traditional publishing industry for consideration, you will need to make a great first impression. Soul WingsŪ Press can help! Our Professional Editing Service enables you to put your best foot forward, by highlighting your book's weaknesses and strengths. We can assist you to present a highly polished Book Proposal.

Professional Editing Services:

Soul Wings PressMost publishing projects start here. Whether you're writing a self-help book, a memoir, or the next best-selling novel, every book needs a thorough inspection to remove any 'bugs'.

At Soul WingsŪ Press, our Professional Editing Services are conducted by unbiased, highly experienced literary experts who will analyze your book in ways you never thought possible.

For both fiction and non-fiction, we do a complete first edit, clearing up wordy writing and muddy phrases, checking facts where appropriate, and correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes that spell check and grammar check programs always fail to catch. For non-fiction, we closely examine your work, analyzing argument, thesis development, and pointing out inconsistencies and unanswered questions. We provide useful feedback on the author's writing style and how it might be improved. All work is done according to accepted standards in the global publishing industry.

We know it’s not much fun to have someone pick apart your writing, but Soul WingsŪ Press' professionals are kind, gentle, and infinitely supportive. Once you've heard our comments you will almost certainly be glad of the opportunity to do one last rewrite, so that your work is truly ready to make its publishing debut. Authors who've gone through this process say it's well worth the time and effort to produce the best book possible!

Cost: Varies, between AUD$150 - $250 per hour. A total cost estimate is initially provided, with a required 50% upfront deposit and balance due upon completion. Final price is set based on the writing sample submitted.

Submission Guidelines for Soul WingsŪ Press
Editing Services – to Obtain your Cost Estimate

Soul WingsŪ Press is happy to read the first three chapters of your manuscript to get a feel for your writing style, the material itself, and your next appropriate step towards publishing. Please send no more than the first three chapters of your manuscript to Soul WingsŪ Press, unless we've requested otherwise.

Soul WingsŪ Press accepts manuscripts submitted electronically. When e-mailing your material to us, please use "Soul WingsŪ Press Electronic Submission" as the subject line of your e-mail. E-mail your material to

The following guidelines apply for all manuscript material submitted.

1.   Always include your contact information in both your cover letter and the first page of your manuscript, including your first and last name, e-mail address, and telephone number.
2.   In your cover letter, please give the following information:
      *   Include a brief description of the manuscript's subject (non-fiction) or a brief synopsis of the story (fiction).
      *   Your goals for the material: Seeking a Publisher? Self Publishing? Manuscript Polishing? Seeking help with the writing process? Looking to become a best-selling author?
3.  Your intended audience.
4.  Your writing background and any other relevant experience you may have.
5.   Any marketing ideas you have for your book.
6.   Any specific deadline you are working towards.
7.   Double space your manuscript.
8.   Use Times New Roman font, size 10, for your text.
9.   Please spell-check your work. And then read it carefully again, because spell-check does not catch every error.
10.  E-mail your work as an attachment, saved in the Microsoft WordPerfect format. You may place your cover letter in the body of your e-mail. Don't forget your contact information!

Soul WingsŪ Press does not accept offensive material.

Please give our Editorial Department 1 to 2 weeks to evaluate your submission for a Cost Estimate. If for any reason you have not heard back from us within 2 weeks, please feel free to send a follow up e-mail.

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